Click on Set Up New Device 4. Choose Mouse, then Continue again 6. First, for some reason I couldn’t get Expose to initially bind any mouse buttons to “Show Desktop. Feel free to report it to Apple. Power through your tasks with an advanced combo The wireless keyboard is full-sized and comfortable, with smart backlighting and customizable keys. Double Arrow Button, pointing towards you Hope this helps.

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It is what it says. For what I think you intend, c or b would be “best,” imho. Most buttons logiitech the keyboard special ones dont do anything, but volume and mute work, as does the scroll wheel.

Oct 5, 2: I just picked up one of these mice as well, and am enjoying it despite a couple hitches initially.

Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Mouse Fully Functional!

Latest Mountain Lion Hints Left Side Arrow Button, pointing away from you Button 6: Choose Mouse, then Continue again 6. Dean Pahl Dean Pahl.


Will the Bluetooth setup assistant, I logitecj the mouse working in about three clicks. Everything worked without configuring anything. Where the pedal hits the metal! I recommend reading through the posts, including julian’s clarifying post on March 18, Sampsa [ Reply to This ].

Logitech MX Bluetooth Mouse Fully Functional! | Mac Support

Apple gets what it pays for Review: Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? Great story in the thread about a parrot ” eating ” someone’s Mighty Mouse software disc!

Feel free to report it to Apple. If not, post back: Aug logigech, Wheel Click Button 4: Switch Windows Button Button 7: Mouse Height x Width x Depth: Are you using an internal BlueTooth adapter vice the base station? Loki, I think many folks could benefit if you’d initiate a new thread about your experience after you’ve had time to use SteerMouse for a while.

After doing this, everything worked fine.

But the “down” button has a conflict. It doesn’t m900 as a bluetooth adapter for everything else I have though: Anyone else find this mouse a bit heavy?


I do wish there was a battery off switch, so I’ll just reverse the batteries when I’m carrying it in my laptop bag. Search Advanced From our Sponsor The first charge was completed in about 15 minutes, and lasted for about an hour. But for some stupid reason, logitech does not support OS X with their bluetooth mice, and therefore, all those extras are pretty much useless User profile for user: TM backup via Ethernet.

MX Mouse Experience A sculpted precision instrument with smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel and unique thumb wheel. I had a look at the discussion you mentioned, and it seems I’m kac the only one who has had this problem.