Iwill XPR 28 posts. Some are colder then others. Performance at MHz being lower than MHz is something for the IWill guys to look at since I couldn’t make the board perform when overclocked. Yeah, I’ve read all the reviews on xbit, ocworkbench and some very very fishy numbers at accelnation that make it look too good to be true. The board comes in with 3 DIMM slots. You are also forced to run the processor bus synchronous with the memory clock meaning some front side bus clocking of the processor and consequently the whole system.

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Iwill XP333 Review.

That can’t be terribly portable so can’t be used by e. The previous occupier of the case was a Pentium 4 board and with that removed, installation was a cinch.

An incompatibility with the Samsumg module I was using is most likely and something to look out for. I have been very impressed with Iwill’s hardware over the last year and cannot say enough about this XP board. Apart xxp333 the standard set of audio connectors just below the gameport, the XPR also came with the 6-Channel Audio adaptor – basically iwilll slot cover with jacks for central bass, and rear speakers.

I dont think a person should base a motherboard decision just based on how quick it POSTs. In fact, the performance of that chipset was on par with the AMD ! There are a few versions of the IWill XP floating around with the 2.


The CPU speed increase to MHz should give us a handy increase but the low memory performance will iwll the score back. Ive got 2 in the field and 2 in the lab and one im typing on right now. We’ll skip the CPU benchmarks in this review since they don’t show anything of note other than the CPU working correctly.

The support is there however. As we expected, the lower resolutions are helped more by the increase in bus clocks and as the graphics card iwlll made to work harder as the resolution increases the performance increase gets smaller Sep 27, Posts: Tue Jan 01, 3: Reaper0Bot0 Ars Praefectus Registered: So basically, you’re sending out drones of home made computer systems to take over the world and kill of all curious computer iwiill who try to check what’s under the hood?

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Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. And that is all i will say about that. Quake3 is our first OpenGL benchmark and in this configuration is more a test of CPU and memory performance rather than graphics card power so iwilll a valid inclusion.

Considering the fact that far fewer problems have been reported with the XP and its predecessors, it might be worth going for it, even if you end up with an older revision board, since it has decent if not top performance, and fewer issues than the KTA.


Iwill XP – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1 Overview – CNET

So, first up we’ll look at 3DMark performance. Sat Dec 29, 8: Wed Jan 02, If they fail, they are destroyed.

It certainly wasn’t bad performance, just not the huge performance some might lead you to believe. I was thinking about selling them. Overall I liked the board a lot and the features help numb the disappointing performance from the memory controller. Jul 5, Posts: And on a serious note, these boxes are protected and if tampered with, will explode Ever seen a PCI detonator?

The layout of the XPR as can be seen in the above picture as overall very good.

Fri Dec 28, 3: Besides, i rarely reboot. Iwill was the first to include the necessary audio module that takes full advantage of the C-Media CMI 6 channel audio, and that’s still the case with the XPR.

Whatever it is, it sounds like it involves quite a bit of processing, and apparently can’t wait to be processed at a later stage.