I agree with you. Sorry, we are currently unable to ship products to your country. The detailed Part 2 follow-up and final conclusions will be posted when that is completed. It uses Kenwood radios for the intercom. If necessary, use the included Velcro booster pads behind the speakers to get them closer to your ear. In case you do hear a loud beep make sure that you say the correct phrase exactly as described in the user manual in quick succession of the beep. Cardo recommends routing the wire for the right-side speaker up over the top of the helmet liner to get the best reception.

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It is a huge step up from the old Q2 and a smaller, but probably still worthwhile upgrade from a G4.

Disconnect the unit from carvo computer 2. Actual range performance could be adversely affected by a number of environmental factors: The larger sponge is included in your package accessories.

Bluetooth Adapters and Intercom Accessory Reviews. After riding my bike around for almost 1 year, I got fed up with the lack of GPS. If you want to use the G9 only for bike to bike intercom, they work reasonably well, but there are a number of negative aspects that other purchasers should be aware of.

However, we were able to just start talking and our music would stop and we would hear each other. A second audio kit for moving the unit easily between helmets, compatible for G9x, G9, and G4.

I actually asked Cardo about this zcala Facebook when a Cardo engineer was on there answering questions but was simply told that the G9 was designed to use the microphones it comes with. Also, as of the date of publication, only the intercom configuration section of the Cardo Community is up and running. Why should you have to say something loudly just to activate it anyway? As soon as your unit has been recognized, Click on the SW update button. There is a sound level threshold on the aux riderr that is just too high why is it there in the first place!?


Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review

And even, if there is not, there are a lot of cheaper Powersets that will deliver this same crap quality. The red LED lights on the intercom module indicate a charge is in progress and dcala the red lights go roder, the charge is complete. The delay on VOX, when it actually worked is appalling. The buttons are rubberized and raised, with just enough separation to allow the user to feel the buttons when wearing gloves summer gloves in this case.

After answering no to the first two and yes to the third one the G9 informs me that there is no number in the data base for that name. The Research and Development Team will receive a full report on the issue and I will contact you once I receive a response.

Cardo Scala Rider G9 PowerSet Reviews –

Use a latest model Bluetooth 5. Wait 5 seconds and reconnect it 3. The G9 unit will simply sway in the breeze, holding on for dear life via the speaker wires until you dardo and fix the problem.

That is to say the G9 units were unusable.

What a great scaala. Cardo technical support is practically non-existent. But the system is touchy and stations can quickly fade and static can intrude much more often than, say, a car rideg. Make sure the speakers are positioned as close to your ear as possible so you can feel them. While the FM radio sound quality is very good even up to 80 mph if you position rirer headset speakers directly inline with your ears using full face helmets, the voice quality on the intercom gives the impression of the person speaking having a lisp.


The G9 helmet mount feels ridre and well made. Be sure to study the User Guide though for instructions on the more detailed features, which are controlled by the six large buttons on the G9. I start my bike which switches on the zumo as its powered from bike ignition. Both of these tips will save a lot of frustration later on and help you to enjoy your G9 system and get the most out ride all the features.

We find that the G9 can work well at one function onlyexample as an intercom they work well with GPS and everything else turned off. This will also help you later on as you use the system. Make sure you have the most updated firmware from the Cardo Community — community1.

As I said they work pretty well as an intercom for us but not for anything else.