I personally did not encounter this issue but it has been a problem for some early adopters. Although not as noticeable when set to a soft crossfader curve, in the hard-cut setting it becomes unusable for fast cuts and transforms. The steel chassis feels and looks more professional than the price suggests. To make things even more awkward, those knobs marked with white are actually endless encoders — the types of knobs you want with no marking! As an analogue mixer the unit performs reasonably well, although I found it fairly easy to distort the outputs with very crunchy results when the low end was pushed particularly hard. A few specific notes on the various controls:.

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Touch-sensitive jog wheels and touch strips have some interesting mapping potential for Traktor users. The loops are supposed to auto sync with playing tracks but even the supplied loops that come with the Virtual DJ software fail to sync up at all with basic electro.

The results were not exactly great. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers. In order to get the levels even I had to boost the VMS4 outputs up by approximately 3 dB see above photowhich adds a lot of noise to the channel.

The outputs of the mixer in digital and analogue mode are noticeably lower than other mixers and ameeican cards.

American Audio VMS4 Review – DJ TechTools

Drop your email address here, we’ll send you news, tutorials, and special offers once a week. As mentioned earlier, one noticeable shortcoming is that the outputs are quite a bit quieter than the average mixer or sound card more below. The VMS4, however, offers a twist to the usual formula by serving double duty as a 4-channel analogue mixer.


I personally did not encounter this issue but it has been a problem for some early adopters. The crossfader is the one major drawback of using this controller as a traditional mixer.

American Audio VMS4.1

The single most frustrating feature exclusion was a lack of itunes support. This would be most ideal for someone that needs to mix their computer output with a few analogue sources throughout the night.

Thankfully there are four thick rubber bumpers on the corners, which keep it from knocking up the surroundings during transport. Welcome, Login to your account. The accuracy of the MIDI just does not support it.

American Audio VMS | DJ Controller | DJ Equipment |

Assuming that most of you will be looking to connect this to Traktor, lets go ahead and see how it performs in that department. You can browse the itunes folders but have no access to Itunes playlists. If you want to just trigger a few air horns then they will work OK, but with considerable latency. In theory, this is a very cool feature, and should help a lot in dark environments. Although not exactly Rane or Vestax quality, everything is solidly built and looks like it may stand the test of time.


Hardware Manuals

I was concerned that the power supply is un-grounded, as some mobile DJs have reported ground problems when running powered speakers straight out of all-in-one controller like the VCI A few specific notes on the various controls:.

At a weight of almost 20 pounds, this is not exactly the most portable controller available on the market. I found the latter to be barely usable without an overlay and vinyl control, so instead focused on a few of the key points:.

Please choose the following. Fortunately, in dark lighting — the more common scenario — the red LED lines are more fully visible and start to work slightly better than the traditional white marking.

That sounds like a great deal. There are some really good features that will be ideal for that group:.

Built out of an all-metal chassis, it weighs in at nearly 20 pounds. By Ean Golden On Aug 31, It was slightly lacking in low end and did not have as good of a stereo field as the Audio 4 DJ. Although not as noticeable ajerican set to a amefican crossfader curve, in the hard-cut setting it becomes unusable for fast cuts and transforms. Available now Ships with: Sign in Recover your password.