I need information in terms of development tools, exce The parameter control is a bit mask that specifies various operations. The Slave Select line is configured as output and controlled by hardware. Also the data buffer must stay allocated. I am new to freescale. The SPI Driver supports multiple slaves, but if only one slave is connected, then the Slave Select signal can be omitted.

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Type to filter by text Filter by tag Sort Sort by date created: Also the data buffer must stay allocated. Typically, the hardware will activate the line before starting the transfer and deactivate it after the transfer completes.

A SPI driver can be implemented with different capabilities. Transfers are ignored while the Slave Select line is inactive. Signal Mode Fault event: Controls form different categories can be ORed. The parameter state sets the operation and can have the following values: The driver functions are published in the access struct as explained in Common Driver Functions. When I try to compile this demo, a problem occur: Start sending data to SPI Interface. Can any of the For example, when connecting to a single slave, which has the SS line connected to a fixed low level.


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Start sending data to SPI transmitter. Generated on Wed Aug spii Set the Slave Select mode for the slave to Hardware monitored. Get transferred data sip. If one control is omitted, then the default value of that category is used. Set the Slave Select mode for the master to Software controlled. Hardware monitors the Slave Select line and accepts transfers only when the line is active.

Clock Polarity 0, Clock Phase 1.

Driver version is source code version of the actual driver implementation. For example, when a single master and slave are connected in the spj then the Slave Select line is not needed. When in slave mode, the operation is only registered and started when the master starts the transfer.

Refer to the documentaiton of your device. Each event is encoded in a separate bit and therefore it is possible to signal multiple events within the same call. The psi is identified by a postfix number in the symbol name of the access structure, for example:.


How to configure K60 SPI PCSIS | NXP Community

The functions of the SPI driver are accessed by function pointers exposed by this structure. The default is 0which connects a middleware to the first instance of a driver.

Occurs also in master mode when driver cannot transfer data fast enough. The parameter num specifies the number of items to receive.

How to configure K60 SPI PCSIS

The function is called when the middleware component starts operation and performs the following:. Clock Polarity 0, Clock Phase 0. I need information in spii of development tools, exce Also the data buffer must stay allocated and the contents of unsent data must not be modified. I want to know things like: